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We hope that you love your Copperwood Fence!  Some of the people who buy our fences send beautiful pictures of their fences that have been installed for many years.  This picture is of a 22-year-old fence in the Lap-N-Gap style.     If you would like to extend your existing fence, or if you need repair or replacement, you should start by contacting our dealer in your area.     One of the most common questions we ... Read More »

Copperwood Dealers    We have an excellent network of experienced, professional fence dealers.  They provide flawless installation for our beautiful fences, and are creative in their use of the product.  We want to provide them with the resources they need to sell Copperwood.  Below are a few things that dealers may find useful.       Helpful Documents   Copper Naphthenate MSDS   T ... Read More »

Layton's Ozark Timber Sawmill and Fencing, LLC will replace any component of your fence damaged by insects or rot within 15 years of the date of installation. If you currently own a Layton's Ozark Timber fence and need warranty work, or if you would like to purchase a beautiful fence with an industry-leading warranty, you should start by contacting the Copperwood dealer in your area.  Just click here  to find the dealer n ... Read More »

Copperwood is sold through some of the best fence companies in the United States. Whether you live in urban Chicago or rural Mississippi, arid Phoenix or the beautiful Great Lakes region, chances are we have a dealer in your neck of the woods who will install your decorative, privacy, or ranch fence flawlessly. We are constantly impressed by the attention to detail that our dealers pay to the work they do in their fence design and installation.
Get inspired by some of the imaginative ways Copperwood has been used to enliven landscapes, enhance the curb appeal of properties, and increase the privacy and security of homes across the country, in styles from rustic to traditional & ornamental. Whether you enjoy a rural lifestyle or an urban oasis, these fencing solutions by Layton's Ozark Timber Sawmill and Fencing and our Copperwood dealers will spark your enthusiasm for making a statement in your outdoor space.
Are you interested in selling Copperwood fences through your fence company? We have a nation-wide network of professional fence dealers with years of experience that use our premium product to make some of the best-looking pressure-treated pine fences you've ever seen. These companies enjoy being exclusive sellers of Copperwood in their respective areas. If we don't already have a dealer in your area, contact us to become one.