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The Layton's Ozark Timber Story


Layton's Ozark Timber Sawmill and Fencing, LLC was born in the Ozark Mountains near St. Joe, Arkansas in 1967.

Ozark Timber, as it was formerly known, was founded by Bill White and his son, Steve. They purchase a treating facility with plans to enter the business of manufacturing treated wood fence posts and backyard fences. Randall Layton purchased the company in 2020 and is continuing the strong tradition of quality product that the White family produced for years. Bill and Steve decided that starting a company that would manufacture wood fencing would give their fence customers a better choice in landscaping while providing the privacy and durability consumers needed. 

In 2020, Randall Layton bought the company and the name was changed to Layton's Ozark Timber Sawmill & Fencing, LLC. 






Our aim is to provide our customers with a long-lasting, safe, durable, beautiful fence that will enhance the value of their homes and businesses with added security and privacy in neighborhoods and rural settings.  Layton's Ozark Timber has been an integral part of the local economy in Searcy County for many years.  With the continuing support of the local community, we hope to be here for many years to come.





Our timber processing and treating plant is located 3 miles from the Buffalo National River, in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.  We're very near the Ozark-St. Francis, Ouachita and Sylamore National Forests where much of our timber is harvested.  Since our beginning in 1967, Ozark Timber has been an integral part of the local economy, providing a way, over the years, for hundreds of families who have chosen this beautiful land, to make their homes and earn their living. We are proud of this legacy of strong men in strong families, building a product that reflects our environmental stewardship and manufacturing excellence.





Layton's Ozark Timber Copperwood fences are are a long-lasting addition to your outdoor living space.  Whether you're looking for ornamental fence to increase your curb appeal, a solid privacy fence to enclose your back yard or pool, or ranch fencing for corralling your livestock, Copperwood is the natural, beautiful choice.


Copperwood fences are manufactured from locally harvested Southern Yellow Pine (a renewable resource), then processed and treated with copper naphthenate right here on our yard. Copperwood fences come in a myriad of different styles.  When they're installed, they are green in color (from the elemental copper), but weather first to a copper color, and eventually to a beautiful silvery grey.  Our fences come with a 15 year limited warranty, which guarantees replacement of any part of your fence that is rotted or damaged by insects.  




"QNAP (copper naphthenate) is by far the best and safest material you could consider for your use.  It is proven to perform at least as well as CCA, creosote and Pentachloro-phenol, and as such is actively used in utility poles and rail ties, but unlike the other heavy duty wood preservatives it is not a restricted use pesticide and is considered safe enough for retail and DIY use, and is EPA registered and labeled for even residential use." 

-Dr. Jeff Lloyd, Vice President Research & Development, Nisus Corporation


Our signature fence Copperwood, is pressure treated with copper naphthenate, or QNAP8.  This wood treatment product has the best environmental profile of all available preservatives on the market.  Although we purchase copper naphthenate in bulk, anyone can buy smaller quantities of it over the counter at most hardware or home improvement stores.  It has been recognized by the wood preserving industry as the best treatment known for performance and achieving the highest results for preservation.  It is an EPA Unrestricted Use Pesticide.  There are no Federal disposal restrictions. We are convinced that it is the best choice for everyone in this time when we are all concerned about the effects of many substances on our ecological structure.  We take seriously the job of being a good steward of planet Earth.




Randall Layton is our owner and operator. Alongside Layton's Ozark Timber, he owns two other locations. Layton Mill & Timber -Dennard and Layton Mill & Timber -Leslie. 

Rick Johns is the general manager. He coordinates our manufacturing operations and the shipping of our products.  He takes orders, consults with our dealers, and plans shipments of our fence. 

We are proud of our entire Layton's Ozark Timber Family.   Every job in our manufacturing process is important.  Our foremen and crew chiefs depend on men who work with pride to produce the best in treated wood fencing.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication of each and every member of the Layton's Ozark Timber family.  
We are proud that many of our crew members have been on-board with Layton's Ozark Timber for over 30 years!  We are also proud that men on our staff are contributing time in our community to help build better schools, coach kids' sports, serve in their churches and help out their fellow man in various community projects. 



Bill White, founder of Ozark Timber, pictured here about 1969

Steve White

Pine timber on Hideout Mountain in Snowball, Arkansas

Logs ready for processing on the yard with the "white house" in the background

Our 1920 model boiler

Copperwood is sold through some of the best fence companies in the United States. Whether you live in urban Chicago or rural Mississippi, arid Phoenix or the beautiful Great Lakes region, chances are we have a dealer in your neck of the woods who will install your decorative, privacy, or ranch fence flawlessly. We are constantly impressed by the attention to detail that our dealers pay to the work they do in their fence design and installation.
Get inspired by some of the imaginative ways Copperwood has been used to enliven landscapes, enhance the curb appeal of properties, and increase the privacy and security of homes across the country, in styles from rustic to traditional & ornamental. Whether you enjoy a rural lifestyle or an urban oasis, these fencing solutions by Layton's Ozark Timber Sawmill and Fencing and our Copperwood dealers will spark your enthusiasm for making a statement in your outdoor space.
Are you interested in selling Copperwood fences through your fence company? We have a nation-wide network of professional fence dealers with years of experience that use our premium product to make some of the best-looking pressure-treated pine fences you've ever seen. These companies enjoy being exclusive sellers of Copperwood in their respective areas. If we don't already have a dealer in your area, contact us to become one.